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Hidden Jerusalem Tour

Among the roof tops and the hidden alley ways of the old city

“Among the roof tops and the hidden alley ways of the old city”

The old city of Jerusalem is one of the holiest places on earth It is in the Jerusalem Old City, that King David built his palace, Jesus walked through the alleyways, and Mohamad the Prophet went up to heaven. All these are facts, but the old city has hidden secrets within its quaint, narrow and beautiful streets.

Join our famous tour with our team of expert tour guides who will guide you through the unfamiliar corners of the Jerusalem Old City. In the evening, once the shops close and the occupants of the city return to their families, the exquisiteness of the city is visible to those who know its secrets. We will stroll through the alleyways and see the life of the people who reside in the old city. We will see the shops closing and watch the life in the old city transformed as the restaurants open and the nightlife of the city begins.

Climbing up onto the rooftops, from exclusive observation points, we will observe the city from above, delve into the unique history of the old city, and start to understand how it has evolved and developed into the most famous city populated today. We will then go underground to explore the secret gems of the city and see how the modern and ancient city combines. We will discover and explore the secrets that our local tour guides have unmasked in their many tours they have held in the city.

Additional information:

  • Open in all seasons – The air of Jerusalem is always clean and fresh, but it can be a little chilly in the winter – it is advisable to wear something warm.
  • Tour Duration 2.5-3 hours
  • Tour language – English
  • This tour is open to the public
  • Meeting Point – The Jaffa Gate (The plaza between The Jaffa Gate & Mamilla Mall)
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