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Do you have an important guest from abroad visiting?

Have you made a huge deal and the investors on their way to Israel?

Has your company invited an honorary delegation to Israel?

This tour is for you!

This is what we are here for.

Israel-2GO specializes in organizing tours and tours in Israel for delegations and executives from abroad.

We operate a personal service in a variety of languages ​​with the leading and professional guides in the country.

As part of a hospitality program for overseas guests, we organize tours all around the country.

From experience with hundreds of business guests from abroad, we already know what’s needed to impress! – An exciting day in Jerusalem that will offer an ‘only in Israel’ experience.

Whether your visitors are Christian, Muslim or Jewish, whether it’s their first visit or a return visit to Israel, a day in Jerusalem with us is something he will never forget.

A tour or tour of the country is a great way for guests to enjoy their leisure time between business meetings, events or conferences for which they came to Israel – the perfect combination of work and relaxation while staying in Israel.

For this purpose, you can book foot tours, vehicles and minibuses, depending on the number of participants and the tour plan. Short or long tours, in the north, south, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. In fact, everything is possible and that is why we’re here for you.

We will take care of all the logistical matters involved in the trip – activities, shuttles, coordination, schedule and attractions – to the last detail.

“This tour has greatly contributed to the business atmosphere; I was surprised how much it strengthened the personal connection”

– So many times, we heard from representatives of Israeli companies who participated with us on this tour day.

You are about to give them an Israeli experience that they will never forget.

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