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We pride ourselves to be the most professional and experienced guides in Jerusalem

o The most experienced and professional Jerusalem guides.
o We have turned over every stone in Jerusalem
o We have mapped out every hidden alley, specifically for your next experience.

Israel-2GO is an extremely experienced Jerusalem tourism company specializing in constructing unique tours.
Yosef Spiezer, a senior guide who specializes in guided tours around the country, founded the company. He is a doctoral student in history and archeology at Bar Ilan University.
Yosef was born in Jerusalem, moved as a child to Steph, lived in Tel Aviv during his youth and currently lives in Jerusalem.
The love of nature and the country led him to form this special enterprise.

We offer a comprehensive response to tours and excursions in Jerusalem, including a 360 package that includes planning, logistics and the full day itself. We believe that every detail is of great importance.

Unique and well-designed tracks, professional guides that will take you wherever you go – from the well-trodden sites to the secret corners and all at a price that fits your budget.
Our professionalism and our vast experience along with the small details are just part of our success story.

Over 50,000 customers have already participated in our tours!

We offer you a wide range of flamboyant tours full of smells and flavors in the most hidden and magical corners of Jerusalem.
Walking tours of Jerusalem, tasting tours of the Mahane Yehuda market, artists and craftsmen’s tour of the Old City, a tour of the hidden corners of Mea Shearim are just some of the wonderful places in Jerusalem and we are here to provide you with a unique experience of its kind.

What if you don’t want a private tour?

Our tours are weekly and open to the public.

We know you come for an interesting walk, but sometimes organizing people, worrying about how to get and pay for what you want – can make it harder.
We do not want you to give up, so we created the fastest and easiest way for you to embark on a tour that will make you happy.

To this end, we have created the public tours platform that also allows you to hike together with a top-notch mentor or guide where you do not have any hassle for reasonable and cheap prices.
You really do not have to put any effort into traveling the most special places in Jerusalem, just sign up for a tour of “Open Tours to the Public” on the homepage.

Why use Israel-2GO?

•We sew every detail according to your dimensions. The tours are customized according to your unique requests and wishes.
• Our guides are experts in their field and are also extremely dynamic. Our energetic guides at are just waiting to take you to an experience that will leave you impressed for years to come.
• We pay close attention to the smallest details that will make your experience great.
• Both private and public tours are available.

We are here to take you to places you will not be able to go to alone, to uncover the city’s unreachable sites, authentic Jerusalem figures, sightings, new tunnels, archaeological digs, special flavors hidden in the market and more.

Whether you are a couple interested in a personalized tour tailored to your interests, a family who is interested in a joint trip or a company who wants to show its employees an extraordinary experience – We are here for you.


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