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Culinary Tour at Machane Yehuda Market (AKA “The Shuk”)

One of the most vibrant markets in the world

Jerusalem’s famous Mahane Yehuda market:
Jerusalem’s open-air market, Mahane Yehuda, or commonly known as ‘The Shuk’ has in recent years grown to be a mainstream attraction for both Israelis and tourists.

Our team of specialist tour guides will guide you thought a ‘Shuk’ experience that will bring to life the market, by combining all of your senses. The noise, sights, smells and best of all the tasting, creates a fascinating spectacle for all visitors. Used by the local residents and visitors who come from afar, the ‘Shuk’ is loaded with fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices and almost everything else that is grown or harvested from the native Israeli agricultural industry.

During the tour, we will have the opportunity to stop and taste an extensive variety of foods, from some of the most interesting stands in the market. We will get to hear some of the fascinating and fun stories that have become a part of the unique history of the Machane Yehuda community from the merchants themselves.

Some of the best tasters along the way include spices, traditional baked goods, Jerusalem-style tahini and halva, health drinks, natural healing products, famous Jerusalem ‘Rogalach’, and authentic Jerusalem humus.

‘The Shuk’ never really takes “a day off” during the week, but if you are looking for a truly electrifying night out, then Thursday is your target. In the evening on Thursday, the market reinvents itself with a lively atmosphere, filled with boutique restaurants and innovative bars for foodies and craft beer enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, the tour will also include a short excursion to the nearby Nachlaot neighborhood, where we will hear the unique story of the area. Pausing for a short break by the famous and still fruit baring, “berry tree”, which is mentioned in Yossi Banai’s song.

Additional Information:

  • Meeting Point – Machane Yehuda Light Rail Station (Yaffo 123)
  • Tour duration: 2½–3 hours
  • Tour hours are 10:00-12:30
  • Costs of food tasting is included
  • All food tasting is Kosher – Vegan & Vegetarian options available
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