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Carmel Market Tour

There are many markets in Tel Aviv, but there is no doubt that the most famous and intriguing is the Carmel Market.

The Carmel market tour exposes you to the taste of the ages of Tel-Aviv in the youthful atmosphere of the city’s central market. The old market, that was founded over 80 years ago, was influenced from the surrounding neighborhoods of ‘Nahalat Binyamin’ and the surrounding Yemenite vineyards. These all influenced the vast array of culinary traditions that make up the Carmel Market.

The tour of the market connects you between the tastes and smells of Tel Aviv of the past and the young and vibrant atmosphere of the city’s central market. The Yemenite, Persian and Polish cultural mix forms a rich and fascinating culinary variety.

We will learn about the development of Israeli cuisine’s development throughout the country’s history and how the vendors are able to maintain their stalls after almost 100 years. We will hear stories from merchants whose families were the first in the market to new shops revitalizing the hip neighborhood.

The tastings include some of the country’s freshest hummus, street food, fresh produce, baked treats and authentic Yemenite cuisine.

The ‘Kerem Hatemanim’ neighborhood was founded in 1904 by Yemenite immigrants, and it borders Allenby Street and the Carmel Market. We will discover the restaurants, pubs and small courtyards within the alleyways of the neighborhood.


Additional Information:

  • Tour duration: 2½–3 hours
  • Costs of food tasting is included
  • All food tasting is Kosher – there are also vegetarian & vegan options

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