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"The Shtetl" - Bakery and Tshulnt Tour in Bnei Brak

A lively tasting tour of Bnei Brak – Jewish food scene, a nonstop city (24/6)

  • We will walk on the busy Rabbi Akiva Street and visit the unique shops.
  • We will climb up to the Ponevitch Yeshiva to gain an insight into the world of yeshivas
  • We will listen to Chassidic melody’s
  • We will toast a “L’Chaim”
  • We will stop off at a Local restaurant serving traditional Jewish cuisine whose exclusive flavors has been preserved and enriched over many years.

A 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv will take you back in time into the “Shtetel”, which is similar to the 19th century Jewish town in Eastern Europe.

The happenings on Bnei Brak Street are unusual and unique to a city soley devoted to Torah and the Mitzvot.

Streets lined with bakeries, sacred religious shops, synagogues with prayers throughout the day, unique style showcases and special and distinctive characters.

Once night falls, strolling through the secrets alleys we will encounter marvelous bakeries, kugels, cholents and herring in a variety of shapes and tastes.

You are about to be exposed to a fascinating world and get answers to particularly interesting questions:

  • Why you won’t find any women eating whilst walking down the street?
  • Why is a long skirt less modest than a ankle length skirt?
  • Why don’t they wear jeans?
  • What is the difference between “Kugel” and “Kegel”?
  • What Makes the Vizhnitz Bakery the Undisputed Brand?

This is a rare opportunity to peek into this fascinating world, to unravel the local secrets and gain insight into a fascinating conversation with the neighbors we have never spoken to.

Tasting options:

– Special bakeries

– Blintzes

– Salted fish (herring)

– Various Kugels (Jerusalem, potatoes, apples, etc.)

– Crepes

– Local salads

We will end at a Jewish restaurant with a culinary experience to take you back in time.

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