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How much do you miss Jerusalem?

Wouldn’t you want to be strolling down Mahne Yehuda Market right now, tasting Israeli spices? The best kind of tahini, or unique flavors of halva?

We know you are thousands of miles away from Jerusalem right now, but we can bring the one of kind Mahane Yehuda Market straight to your doorstep!

The Market Box: All of Mahane Yehuda’s special delicacies in one box, delivered all the way to your home.

Here is a list of what you can find in the box (varies according to the type of box you choose):

Creamy halva

Israeli tahini – from the halve kingdom

Passionfruit-Arak beverage

Spices for Israeli barbecue

Special salad mixes

Mixes of almonds and raisins for rice

Halva coated nuts

Roasted black coffee – Roasters

Homemade olives

Israeli boutique beer

Crunchy granola

Bustan boutique confitures

Award winning premium quality olive oil

You can order the box and keep it all to yourself, or gift it to friends or relatives who could use some cheering up; to your neighbors who had cancelled their trip because of the current situation, to your friend who had just given birth and really, to anyone who misses Jerusalem and wished they could be walking through Mahane Yehuda Market now.

You must miss visiting it and therefore we’re thrilled to bring it all the way to you with our special market box.

All of the products are fresh, Kosher and made in Israel.

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