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“MEAH SHE’ARIM” - Ultra Orthodox Neighborhoods and Bakery Tour

Fasten your seatbelts! We're going back on time to the 19th century!

Discover a unique side of Jerusalem that is a rare tourist experience. Visit the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. This neighborhood is home to Judaism’s most insular, pious Jews who try, as much as possible, to maintain the lifestyle and customs of their ancestors.

During this tour, we will pop into several delicious bakeries full of the scent of rising and freshly baked ‘Challah’ (Special bread made for the Sabbath). This is a unique tour experience exclusively with Israel-2GO.

Rumor has it, that on Thursday evening, something out-of-the-ordinary happens in the well-known ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of ‘Mea Shearim’. During this special time, the neighborhood comes alive with the smells of homemade food as the locals, Haredi and overwhelmingly Hasidic population start their preparations for the Sabbath, that begins the following nightfall.

Hidden stairwells become makeshift ‘Cholent’ delis, where young and old gather to catch the first taste of the savored traditional Sabbath dish –‘Cholent’ (the traditional Sabbath hot stew eaten by Jews for generations).

This unique Thursday night tour opens a window into the intriguing life of Hassidic courtyards, schools, ‘Shtibel’s’ (synagogues), markets, and more. This provides a rare opportunity to peek into this seldom-visited world hear, their Hassidish Niggunim (melodies) and taste their local delicacies.


Additional Information:

  • Meeting Point – Machane Yehuda Light rail station (Yaffo 123)
  • Tour Duration: 2½-3 hours
  • Tour will be from 20:30-23:30
  • Compulsory dress code:
    • Male dress code: – Long pants and long sleeve shirt.
    • Female dress code – Long skirt (that reaches below the knee), a loose fitted shirt with a closed neckline, and closed-toe shoes.
  • There is an additional option for tasting on this tour
  • All tastings are Kosher – there are also vegetarian & vegan options
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